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Providing a comprehensive solution right from fabricating to fixing polycarbonate sheet


IndiaMART TrustSealHaving examined the horizon of opportunity, the key promoters employed their expertise in offering systems based on polycarbonate sheets, polycarbonate structured sheets, polycarbonate plate, ventilator, wind ventilator, ventilator base plate and profiled polycarbonate sheets as the benchmark to decide the activities of the nascent firm. The manufacturing activities commenced in March 1998 and very soon Flexituff emerged as the largest player in the field of Corrugated / Profiled Polycarbonate Sheets. The production capacity was the largest in terms of size of single sheet that can be produced and fastest in terms of production field. The Industry continues to be the leader in the Country with some of the most prestigious projects under its belt. We are also considered as extremely reliable manufacturers who stick to delivery schedules precisely and maintain perfect quality of products like polycarbonate sheets, polycarbonate structured sheets, polycarbonate base plate, ventilator, wind ventilator, ventilator base plate. It is therefore no wonder that stalwarts in the field like GE Advanced Materials, their family of Channel Partners and Other Suppliers of Branded Polycarbonate sheets regularly get sheets profiled from us.

embossed polycarbonate sheet, embossed plastic sheet, embossed polycarbonate sheets, embossed plastic sheets, polycarbonate embossed sheetOver the period of time, we have gone from strength to strength principally due to continuous process evaluation, employing latest in technology and ensuring that our skilled work force is regularly trained and kept abreast with technological advancements in the field. The core promoters have more than 15 years of experience in Manufacturing & Marketing Polycarbonate Sheets. Their vast experience will be exploited and fine tuned to ensure that the customer always gets the right product with a perfect fixing system and generally a solution which is not only Value for Money but also a foundation for a long and fruitful relationship.

We also supply the complete range of polycarbonate sheets which include Solid / Compact Sheets, Embossed / Textured Sheets, Multiwall Sheets, Mar / Scratch Resistant Sheets & Polycarbonate Films. We have been Channel Partners for GE Advanced Materials in Western India and also offer other branded Polycarbonate sheets. We provided effective networking for Turn-key solutions for skylights & atria which includes fabrication, erection and fixing of Polycarbonate Sheets as per designs provided by Architects & Consultants.

We at Flexituff believe in letting the Light enter the lives of our cherished Customers. Because when there is Light the difference between The Good and The Best can be seen very Clearly. And We Believe That You Deserve The Best.

Concept of Skylights and the Role of Polycarbonate Sheets:

We live in a world in which our fuel resources are shrinking rapidly, growing constantly more expensive and are prone to frequent disruptions in power supply. Apart from these direct influences, combustion of fuel is causing immense and irreversible harm to our environment, depleting the all-important ozone layer and adding to the Green House Effect, which is resulting in Global Warming and abrupt changes in climatic patterns all over the world. Scientists, environmentalists, entrepreneurs and industrialists are all evaluating various methods to reduce the effects of industrial activity on global environment. Polycarbonate sheets provide a unique way of minimizing or eliminating consumption of energy for artificial electrical lighting in several application areas. Solar energy is naturally available and plentiful in a Country like India. Polycarbonate sheets offer you an opportunity to harness this bountiful source of energy, effectively and for years to come. Not only are polycarbonate sheets technically superior to conventional daylight solutions but also aesthetically appealing. The combination of unique properties makes it the first choice of Architects and Interior Designers. Whats more important is the fact that the sheets virtually pay for themselves in the short term and result in enormous financial savings in the long run.

Flexituff Industries
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Flexituff Industries
Flexituff Industries Flexituff Industries Flexituff Industries

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