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Corrugated Profiles

Some Types of Commonly Used Corrugated Profiles:

North Skylighting

Application Areas

Industrial SkylightingAs highlighted earlier, these Polycarbonate Corrugated Sheets are used principally in industrial applications which include Industrial skylights, Strip lighting and North light glazing. However, these corrugated roofing sheets may also be used in commercial buildings, infrastructural complexes and residential applications. Following are a few typical application areas:
These polycarbonate roofing sheets can be deployed to harness sunlight for a wide range of applications thereby reducting or eliminating the need for artificial lights during day time.

Ventilator With Polycarbonate Base Plate
Ventilator With Polycarbonate Base Plate
Polycarbonate Base Plate
Polycarbonate Base Plate
Air Ventilator
Air Ventilator

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Terrace coverings, chajjas and private extensions.
corrugated polycarbonate sheets india
Weather protection for aquaculture ponds.
corrugated polycarbonate sheets suppliers
Schools & educational institutions.

polycarbonate corrugated sheets
Bus Q shelters

Physical, Mechanical & Optical Properties:

  Property Conditions ASTM Method Units - SI Value
Physical Density   D -1505 g/cm3 1.2
  Water Absorption 24 hr. at 23oc D -570 % 0.15
  Tensile strength at yield 10 mm/ min D -638 MPa 62
  Elongation at yield 10 mm/ min D -638 % 7
  Tensile Modulus of Elasticity 10 mm/ min D -638 MPa 2,300
  Flexural Modulus 1.3 mm/min D -790 MPa 1,890
Mechanical Flexural Strength at yield 1.3 mm/ min D -790 MPa 93
  Notch Impact Strength lzod Notch Impact Strength Izod D -256 J/m 800
  Impact Falling Weight 23o c ISO 6603/1a J 50
  Rockwell Hardness   D-785 R scale 118
  Long Term Service Temperature     °c -40 to +100
  Short Term Service Temperature     °c -40 to 120
  Heat Deflection Temperature   D-648 °c 135
Thermal Vicat Softening Temperature Load 1.82 D-1525 °c 150
  Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion Load 1 kg D-696 10-5 cm/cm°c 6.5
  Thermal Conductivity   C-177 W/mK 0.21
  Specific Heat Capacity   C-351 kJ/kg K 1.3
  Haze   D-1003 % <0.5
  Transmission, Clear, flat/embossed   D-1003 % 90/76
Optical Transmission, Green, flat/embossed   D-1003 % 81/66
  Transmission, Blue, flat/embossed   D-1003 % 76/62
  Yellowness Index   D-1925   <1
  Dielectric Constant 1 kHz D-150   2.6
  Dissipation Factor 1 kHz D-150   0.005
Electrical Dielectric Strength Short Time 500 V/s D-149 KV/mm 20
  Surface Resistance       4.1x1015
  Volume Resistance Ketley D-257 Ohm-cm 1.7x1017

Availability & Dimensions of Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheets:

Skylights in Railway Stations And Bus StandsPolycarbonate corrugated sheets are available in matching profiles to most of the contemporary corrugated roofing sheets. The dimensions are generally governed by the customers requirements and hence we offer tailor-made solutions in terms of choosing the right product and the dimensions in which it is required for a particular application. An island skylight configuration would require polycarbonate corrugated sheets in dimensions identical to the corrugated roofing sheets. In strip-light & north-light configurations it may be varied as per recommendations of the Architect / Consulting Engineer. The maximum limit is subject to the process area limitation which can be upto 1100mm in width and a maximum of 4.270mm in length (14Feet).

New corrugated profile is rapidly being introduced to the industry by either existing players as part of their improvement and modernization plans or by new / emerging companies. Innovation has always been at the core of Flextituff Industries and we continue to strive towards providing user friendly solutions, within stipulated cost and time frames.

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