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Comparison of Polycarbonate Sheets with Conventional Materials

Compact-Transparent Polycarbonate Sheets
Polycarbonate multiwall sheets are substantially superior to all the conventional skylight materials in almost all areas of comparison. The following comparison chart will provide you a better insight on its superiority:

Property Polycarbonate FRP
Impact Resistance Excellent Good
Weather Resistance Excellent Poor
Temperature Res. Up to 120 Deg. C Below 100 Deg. C
Light Transmission Up to 89% Up to 80% **
Fire Spread Self Extinguishing Flammable
Thickness Uniform Varying
Maintenance Easy Difficult*
TAC Approval
(% of Total Roof Area)
5% Only 2%

In addition to the above Comparison chart, it would be pertinent to mention here that multiwall polycarbonate sheets provide excellent value for money and perform effectively for years with minimum maintenance. Since Polycarbonate multiwall sheets are made from extruded sheets, no thickness variations occur. However, FRP sheets have varying thickness across section of the sheets.

Compact-Transparent Polycarbonate Sheets

Embossed-Textured Polycarbonate Sheets

Opal White Polycarbonate Sheets

Multiwall Sheets

In the last five years, a host of leading National and Multinational Corporations, reputed Commercial Complexes, Hostels, hospitals and Institutions have used our sheets with pleasing results. These multiwall sheets have been used for Industrial Skylights and North light Glazing in Industries. Polycarbonate multiwall sheets have also been used for Entrance Canopies, Central Roof Atria, Window shades (chajjas), walkways, Domes and Interior partitions in several landmark projects. Last but not the least, Multiwall polycarbonate sheets have been approved by Tariff Advisory Committee (TAC) for use in roofing, owing to their excellent fire retardance.

Types of Polycarbonate Sheets:

Compact / Transparent Polycarbonate Sheets

These are solid polycarbonate sheets which are available in clear and tinted variants. These sheets are generally chosen for applications where vision through the glazing medium is necessary. These sheets are available in a range of thicknesses from 1.3mm to 8mm. These sheets have been extensively used for manufacturing riot shields employed by Rapid Action Forces as personal protection during riot control and mob dispersal.

Embossed / Textured Polycarbonate Sheets

These are solid polycarbonate sheets with a texture on one surface. The purpose of texturing is to provide light diffusion and prevent see-through vision as deemed necessary for a variety of applications. Sheets are available in clear and tints, usually in thickness ranging from 2mm upto 6mm. 2mm thick embossed polycarbonate sheets are the most commonly preferred material for industrial skylighting after thermoforming the same into matched profiles.

Opal White Polycarbonate Sheets

These are solid polycarbonate sheets with milky white colour. These sheets are available in 1.3mm, 1.5mm, 1.7mm, 2mm & 3mm thickness. Most popularly used for glow signs these sheets are gaining popularity in industrial skylights due to their excellent light diffusion and minimal glare.

Multiwall Sheets

Multiwall sheets, as their name suggests are hollow or fluted polycarbonate sheets which have two thin walls separated by vertical ribs. The hollow air gap provides excellent thermal insulation property and the sheets are extremely light weight. The vertical ribs also provide superb rigidity to these sheets. Multiwall sheets are a product of choice for atria, vaulted skylights, canopies, awnings and large skylight domes in commercial areas. These sheets provide excellent economic value for such applications. Multiwall sheets are available in clear, tints and opal white variants. The thickness range is as follows: 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 10mm Triple wall & 16mm Triple wall.

Dimensions in Which Compact, Embossed & Multiwall Sheets are Available:

Type of Sheets 1220 x 30500 1210 x 5800 1210 x 11800 1050 x 6000 1050 x 30500 900 x 30500 2050 x 3050 1050 x 5800 1220 x 2440 2100 x 1800 Tailored Sizes
Compact  Opal White / Clear (1.30 mm & 1.50 mm) *         *         *
Compact  Clear / Bronze (upto 3.00 mm) *                   *
 Tufguard Scratch Resistant Sheet             *   *   *
Embossed  Clear / Bronze (2 mm & 3mm) *                    
Embossed  Clear / Bronze  4 mm         *           *
Multiwall 4 mm   *         *       *
Multiwall 5 mm   * *             * *
Multiwall 10 mm     *               *
Zip  Clear / Green / Blue(45 mm pitch / 4 mm Depth)         *           *
Sinus Clear / Opal White (76 mm Pitch / 18 mm Depth)                      
Green Clear / Gray/Opal/Bronze (76 mm Pitch / 18 mm Depth               *      
Asbestos Cement Profile (146 mm pitch / 48 mm depth )       *             *


  1. Delivery minimum 6-8 for special types / sizes / colours & subject to minimum quantity requirements
  2. Price are ex-our warehouse against payment basis
  3. Prices are exclusive of Levels such as Sales Tax Octrol etc. Which shall be charged extra as applicable
  4. Prices are subject to change with out notice & are applicable as on date of delivery
  5. Special types / sizes / colours will be accepted only against 50 % advance payment
  6. Tailored length shall be charged minimum 5 % extra over the above prices

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